Gender and nutrition

Given the links between women’s empowerment and nutrition, gender frames our research.

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

How can agriculture interventions be designed to improve nutritional status?

Agri-food value chains

How can nutritional impacts be improved in agriculture and food value chains?

Enabling environments

How can agriculture and food systems be better linked to other drivers of nutrition?

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Nearly half of South Asian children are stunted. Agriculture is the main livelihood for nearly half the population in the region, yet its potential for reducing undernutrition has not been realised.

LANSA is a new international research partnership. We are finding out how agriculture and agri-food systems can be better designed to advance nutrition. We are focused on policies, interventions and strategies that can improve the nutritional status of children in South Asia.

What we do

Research to help us maximise agriculture for improved nutrition outcomes
Facilitating knowledge sharing and learning between partners and amongst stakeholders
Communicating research and engaging key stakeholders throughout the process


LANSA research work published

World Development has published an open access journal article of LANSA 's work titled 'Explaining Cross-State Disparities in Child Nutrition in Rural India'. The paper explores the question — what drives the large disparities in height-for-age distributions among Indian states - variation in observed nutrition-related endowments, such as wealth or maternal education, or differential strengths of relationships across states between endowments and height-for-age? To read full article. .. Read More

Close to 90 Proposals! Shortlisted will hear from us by September 18

LANSA had invited high quality research proposals with August 21 as deadline. We would like to thank the applicants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for sending in their proposals on time. We've received nearly 90 research proposals, and the shortlisting process in underway. The timetable for selection process. .. Read More

LANSA public forum on September 14 at MSSRF

LANSA is organising a Public Forum to build awareness on how agriculture has a reflection on nutrition and health, particularly in the South Asia region. The discussion titled 'Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition and Health' will happen at M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) Chennai on September 14 (Monday), and will have eminent speakers from South Asia. To receive further updates follow us on @LANSAresearch

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