Gender and nutrition

Given the links between women’s empowerment and nutrition, gender frames our research.

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

How can agriculture interventions be designed to improve nutritional status?

Agri-food value chains

How can nutritional impacts be improved in agriculture and food value chains?

Enabling environments

How can agriculture and food systems be better linked to other drivers of nutrition?

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Nearly half of South Asian children are stunted. Agriculture is the main livelihood for nearly half the population in the region, yet its potential for reducing undernutrition has not been realised.

LANSA is a new international research partnership. We are finding out how agriculture and agri-food systems can be better designed to advance nutrition. We are focused on policies, interventions and strategies that can improve the nutritional status of children in South Asia.

What we do

Research to help us maximise agriculture for improved nutrition outcomes
Facilitating knowledge sharing and learning between partners and amongst stakeholders
Communicating research and engaging key stakeholders throughout the process


LANSA's evidence review on Bangladesh published

Although much work has been done on the theoretical links between agriculture and nutrition, there is limited understanding of the evidence from observational and experimental research studies on the impacts of agriculture programs on nutrition outcomes.

The objective of this study was to assess the emphasis of the literature on different agriculture–nutrition pathways in Bangladesh. Read More..

Paper 3 of LANSA Working Paper Series now online

Undernutrition is more widespread and persistent in South Asia, including India, with higher numbers of undernourished people living in rural areas. Indian evidence often shows a weak linkage between agriculture and nutrition, though there is ample scope for agriculture to contribute towards reducing undernutrition.

This study probes further to understand the linkage between agriculture, dietary diversity and women’s Body Mass Index (BMI) in rural areas of India, as few studies have looked at household nutritional intake and adult nutrition outcome in this context. Read More..

Improving nutrition by 2030: LANSA participates in live Q&A

Bhavani RV LANSA's Project Manager spoke on LANSA's effort to tackle undernutrition in South Asia, and on the FSN approach in India while participating in The Guardian-hosted live Q&A on Meeting Global Nutrition Goals. She stressed that a multidimensional approach to address the problem of malnutrition, and that both data and evidence on the ground are needed to help accelerate the effort.

The 2-hour live online discussion received about 160 comments with colleagues from IFPRI, FAO, Concern, Action Against Hunger, GAIN, Johns Hopkins, SUN, Counterpart International, WFP, Transform Nutrition, Global Nutrition Report Secretariat and Concern Worldwide participating.

LANSA-MSSRF showcase research work at NSI Conference in India

Researchers from the LANSA-MSSRF team participated in the Nutrition Society of India's 47th Annual National Conference at National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad, India, on October 9 and 10.

With the Conference theme - 'Link between Nutrition and Agriculture: the Connect and the Disconnect' so close to LANSA's work in South Asia, MSSRF-LANSA not only presented two research study poster-presentations during the national conference, but also took up a stall at the NSI Exhibition. Read More

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